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Wednesday, July 16, 2008

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Kelly Chen
Stylish Index (Jul. 23, 2004)


01. Phone杀令 - Phone Saat Ling
02. 无限 - Mo Haan
03. 别来无恙 - Bit Loi Mo Yeung
04. 对不起不是你 - Dui Bat Hei Bat Si Nei
05. 念口簧 - Nim Hau Wong
06. 洁身自爱 - Git San Ji Oi
07. Kelly Bag
08. 鞋呀! 鞋! - Haai A ! Haai !
09. 飞行里数 - Fei Hong Lei So
阁楼 - Gok Lau
11. 邮票 - Yau Piu
12. 杀掉旧名单 - Sha Diao Jiu Ming Dan
13. 美丽的新娘 - Mei Li De Xin Niang
14. 不要说抱歉 - Bu Yao Shuo Bao Qian
Love Paradise (English)


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.: Warning!!! :. Non-Commercial Public Viewing Purposes
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