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[Variety] Invincible Youth's Mini Event in Japan (Ep. 38)

Sunday, August 29, 2010

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A lot of changes could be felt after 3 members/idols of G7 leaved Invincible Youth due to their intense schedules.  So, with the 3 new members are 'subtituted' into G7, now G7 consists of Narsha, Goo Hara, HyoMin, Seonhwa, JooYeon, Victoria and Sori. 

 This video is only a cut/part from their trip to Hokkaido. (Ep. 38 - 20100723) It was a second part of their episode where Invincible Youth headed to Japan, because of the invitation from Biei villagers. At the end of their visit, the girls put on a mini showcase for the people there. 

Ex-G7's, Sunny (SNSD) coming on stage to perform as well cause she had been a special guest for this Japan’s trip. (she do not get a lot of footage though T-T)

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Subtitle: English
Duration: 25:11

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Raw video credit to: cashewmania

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raizero said...

thanks, may i know who subbed this? or where i can find the rest? because soshified didn't continue their project with this show.

.: mfbar :. said...

eng subtitle was 'extracted' from KBS-W...

FYI, actually you can visit +http://pikeyenny.wordpress.com/
most KBS-W variety show are uploaded there (320x240)
I tried to 'PVR' my Astro, but the resolution was quite 'sad'...

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