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[News] H!P Korea Auditions already started?

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

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These pictures were actually from a news conference held at the Intercontinental Hotel Allegro Hall on 9th March. Leaders of 'Top Japanese Girl Groups,' Shimizu Saki(captain) from Berryz Kobou and Yajima Maimi from °C-ute, also attended the news conference with Tsunku. It was about the first ever Korea-Japan joint audition project called “Meet Tokyo Girl”.

“Meet Tokyo Girl” is a joint project between Up-Front(?) and Mnet Media, in which they will choose a Korean member through open auditions.

Starting from the 10th this month to the 19th of April, Tsunku will choose the 10 finalists. After the audition, these 10 members will go through an intense training for 8 weeks. And at the end, only one(1) will be chosen to become a trainee for Hello Project. The winner will then go to Japan, and take all the steps that a normal Japanese entertainer would take to debut in Japan.

H!P originally planned to launch this audition for last year after they held their concert but negotiations with Mnet fell through. They did go through with a Taiwanese audition tv show from which a new all-Taiwanese group, Ice cream Musume, was formed and is promoting both in Taiwan and in Japan.

It sounds like the same deal as the Taiwan auditions but this time, only one member is chosen. Will she gone a be a soloist artist or a new member among H!P's groups? (MM, BK & C-ute) no confirmation yet.

Videos are available:

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weiguan said...

hi..sorry.i just need i thing that i hope 'sm town' will do audition at malaysia because i will join in with my friend.....thanks^^

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