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[Video Selection] °C-ute - Edo no Temari Uta II (TBS 50th Japan Record Award)

Monday, January 19, 2009

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°C-ute - Edo no Temari Uta II (TBS 50th Japan Record Award) |

°C-ute actually won the Gold Award/Excellence Work Award at 50th Japan Record Award (2008). It was the same place where they won 'Best' New Artist Award of the Year at 49th Japan Record Award (2007) (Tokkaikko Junjou).

In 2007, for the New Artist Award Award, to be the 'BEST' title, 14 judges from all 21 judges voted for C-ute. However (2008), this was a different award & the things may be different (just to mention) lol.

So, Congratulation~ °C-ute~ for this award winning. It seems that, even they did not win the grand title, but we as fans knew that °C-ute deserve more than that for their hardworking. °C-ute also made their appearance at Japan Versification Awards (Lyricist Award) on Nov 30, 2008 for the same song.

| www.tbs.co.jp
| www.nikkansports.com | mainichi.jp | www.tokyograph.com | www.japantoday.com |

.: Here some screencaps from this video :.

kitaaaa! °C-ute appearance~ pheewiit~ A new designated set of outfits for °C-ute & they looks very nice~
(not like previous fluffy2 fur custom lol)

wave your hand~ eri! maimi! airi! kankan!

Ueto Aya, Matsushita Nao & Sakai hosting this award.
Maimi was giving a little bit explanation about this song.
Nao-san~, you shouldn't be jealousy to them, you are already popular. Adorable outfits from Nao-san~ lol

°C-ute now starting their performance~ キュート! キュート! キュート!

Eri~ Airi~ eyyyee...eyyyye~

Kanna~ キュート! GJ!

A little bit captures from annoying cameraman shot...~

Erika turns to Erica~ haha...thats cool~

°C-ute - Edo no Temari Uta II (50th Japan Record Award)

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.: Part 1 :.
.: Part 2 :.

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