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[News/Blog] Shock News! ALL OF ELDER CLUB MEMBERS WILL BE GRADUATED!!! ehhhhh?????!!

Sunday, October 19, 2008

Best Blogger Tips I don't know if this a fake news or not but it appears on top news on Hello!Online today after the announcement made by the Official Website of Hello! Project.

"Yep, all of 'em." just by that.....

Why so harsh...it almost likely they want to fire everyone..why not they just dismiss the bad eggs and remain the others...its really made me felt disappointed ... [sigh]

If these announcement (which made by CEO? or President?) is gonna be "valid", I'm gonna be really shocked! I don't know whether this news is a bad news or good news, its really make me feel bad. So, what I can do just sit & calm down. Relax? Joudan janai yo!~ Mental abused? maybe...~ T_T

So, lets wait & see what will happen next. Life must go on~

" 「Hello! Project 2009 Winter 決定!ハロ☆プロ アワード ’09 ~エルダークラブ卒業記念スペシャル~」で最後になります。 The concert on January 31, and Sunday, Feb. 1 at Yokohama Arena "Hello! Project 2009 Winter! Awards'09 - Hello Elder Club professional graduate ☆ Anniversary Special " will be the last for them "


Yuuko-nee also talk about this "graduation" news in her blog.

Translation by Hello!Online

-To everybody who has been there to support me-

It was announced that Elder Club, the group that I'm part of, will graduate from Hello Project.

I'm sure a lot of people were surprised by that.

As far as how I feel...

With my thanks towards everyone as a 10th year Hello Project member, and with the 10th anniversary of my debut in August, this graduation feels like I'm finally standing on my own feet and walking a new path . <- hopefully so.... she's the leader that lead all Hello! Project members.

"Graduation = separation"

That's not how it is (^ - ^)

"The door to the future"

It's just the opening of that door.

But this coming Hello Project concert in the new years will be the last concert with all the Hello Project members.

It should finish with some big fireworks! <- really looks forward for this to happen, there will be no meaning at all if the concert not be done in proper grand way...
Because Elder Club is really strong V(^ - ^)V

I want to be able to convey one final time my thoughts as Hello Project leader, and my thoughts to the cute new generation

All right!

Today's performance is at Kumamoto.

It's so hot in Kumamoto now.

I'll do my best!

Nakazawa Yuuko's comment
Tsunku's comment

*ehhhh??? Goodbye! Project

*hopefully they will proceed their career as succesfull solo artist/idol...no more EC in Hello! Project... feel really sad T_T


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