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[Video Updates] Pepper Keibu - Morning Musume streaming video now is available!

Saturday, September 13, 2008

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It's very nice morning today. Why? 'cause Pepper Keibu - Morning Musume streaming video now is available at Dohhh UP! and also Hello!Online !

Morning Musume's 37th single is a cover of "Pepper Keibu", a song first released in 1976 by the popular duo Pink Lady. The song was written by prolific songwriter Aku Yuu, whose songs will be covered on MoMusu's upcoming album, "COVER YOU" (releasing on November 26th).

The c/w track, a cover of Hiromi Iwasaki's "Romance", was also written by Aku Yuu.

1. Pepper Keibu
2. Romance
3. Pepper Keibu (Instrumental)

This 37th Single will release on September 24, 2008.

Source: Hello!Online

Some screen captures from Pepper Keibu

Video starts by 'horizontal video lines' film age like effect and for me that was nice...so here we come a discotheque era of Morning Musume...pepperkeibu_02
Peper Keibu back to normal and Morning Musume is now heating up the stage...
Even though at the early performance I saw like not much exiting put in their dancing, but it become more interesting towards the half of their dancing...
Here come the centre Reina and also not too focussing at this time PV, Koharu (sumimasen)
and finally diva Eri & sweet Mittsi plus energetic leader Ai... And don't forget this famous closing line by Sayumi "Peepa keibu yo~"

Watch now at:
Dohhh UP!

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