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[Music Updates] - Morning Musume Latest 37th Singles Preview - Pepper Keibu ^^

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

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Really waiting what the title of the latest of Morning Musume's Single will be.. and today the answer was revealed....~

The Latest Morning Musume's 37th Singles. This song is a cover of the Pink Lady hit Pepper Keibu but in a new way of music arrangement.

Download Pepper Keibu Preview

Single's cover showed Kamei & Lin Lin have a same cut of hair. (Cleopatra? may be no...) And once again Sayumi has her solo line at the end! ^^

... really love this part ...~

sono toki na no moshimoshi kimi tachi kaerinasai to
futari wo hikisaku koe ga shita no yo
aa aa aa aa a


Original song by PINK LADY

"Pepper Keibu" was released on August 25, 1976 by Pink Lady, making it their first single released ever. The highest chart position it got was # 4.

A cover of this song was released by rock band Go!Go!7188 as part of their album Tora no Ana on July 10, 2002. A cover of this song will be released by idol pop group Morning Musume as a single on September 25, 2008 to promote their 9th album, COVER YUU, a tribute to producer Aku Yuu.


mfbar said: love retro so much...really?~
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