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Thursday, August 07, 2008

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Almost a week I'm not writing anything to post here ... cause this week, feel very busy. Even about Kanna scandal, I'm not post my thoughts about what happenned to her ... poor Kanna, but I think my blog is not a place to spread a 'bad' thing about my favourite artist. Hopefuly nothing bad will happen to Arikan~

Yap...this week I feel like a very busy week in this month. Even, Haromoni@ tv show I'd forgot to download ... fortunately, Hello-fansubs made their Haromoni@ subs release "(TV) [H!F] Haromoni@ (2008.08.03) Moutube 26 (XviD)" on Hello!Online, lucky for me ... so, tonight I will download it.

Last Monday, I've to go to my college to take my convocation robe. Of course, I have to pay the fees more than hundred ringgits. This morning, Slayn also sms me to pay shirts that I ordered from him (aiyaa..mana mau korek money). Thanks to Slayn, the shirts that I odered was this one...yuhuuuu! (katanyer bleh dapat sblom raya)

mm_shirt_10 anniv

Previous MM shirt which I ordered from michi, still in good condition (pakai x sampai 10 kali) hurm...


And finally, just to share about what I had, DVDs concert, I'm not purchase online, but bought them at local shops. However, I have to wait several months before the latest DVDs are available on local market. So, the easiest way to get them, download lah kot... ^^


A lot of H!P base fans Blog are now posting about Morning Musume Concert Tour 2008 Haru ~Single Daizenshuu~ reviews. I also planned to do that but only after I finished watch it maybe for 2nd or 3rd times.... Download link about that concert maybe will post here soon.... Chow!

Best Blogger Tips

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