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OMG! The file that I'm downloading from mediafire is stuck at 99.99%... What should I do?

Monday, May 19, 2008

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It was happened to me last one month and it was solved last week...

So, what was the problem?

Usually, this kind of problem (the current progress of downloading file from Mediafire stuck at 99.99%...it's really dissapointed) make me wonder what was Mediafire done?

I'm currently using Internet Download Manager (IDM) 5.12 Build 8, and the connection that I opened was 16 connections (At your IDM, click Downloads -> Options -> Connections tab -> Look at 'Default con. num.') to make sure my download activity become faster....

However, what happened next actually was, your downloading progress will stuck at 99.99% & it would never finished at all! demm~

So, what I did to solve this problem, I set back the 'Default con. num.' to 1 ... YES, only 1....

And finally, this problem solved..BUT, IT WAS SLOWER THAN BEFORE (16 CONNECTIONS)~

I'd questioned to my self, what was the advantages by installing IDM in my computer if that software can't download the files from Mediafire faster?

My answer was, set the 'max connection' if you want to download files from another server/web, but if the files are from Mediafire (e.g http://www.mediafire.com/?4diddxxxxxx), you have to set back it connection to '1' and restart again IDM...it's really NOT practical~

I don't know if the latest version of IDM (5.12 Build 11) would fix this problem, I've never try this currents one...~

I don't now if there are another solutions or another download manager software did not have this problem...~

It is happen only in Malaysia? I don't know~ Best Blogger Tips

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azisazahar said...

daya dasa dahu ducap delamat dari duti...dududu...dangan dupa duat dentry daru dest2...dau...
***denat dorang du daca domen di...dududu

Anonymous said...

i had the same proble, but now i use the 5.12 build 11, and i can download again from mediafire, upper than 800kbps ... try it http://www.m_eg_aupload.com/?d=QZFRCBKE

mfbar said...


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