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[Review] Hello!Project Dance Competition, Win Photo Cards and Such

Monday, March 31, 2008

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[Review] Hello!Project Dance Competition, Win Photo Cards and Such

Hosting by theanna18, starting from Mar 6 2008 until April 3rd, anybody who want to join this contest shall/should send the videos (links actually) to this topic's thread.

After read a few pages of that topic, I really want to say that, the fans that participating this 'competition' are really2 cool...~ They're really can dance well~ How brave~

I don't know, but most of the participants were came from female fans...may be male fans are not so suitable dancing like Hello! Project artists but, if they're creative enough, the change of dance choreography, will make them look cool...~ (IMO)~

Some videos will make you laugh even after the dancers finished their dance...

Here are some of the "best videos" that I thought it's good for all of you to see... (plz forgive me if i'm laughing too much after watching these videos...~)

Odore! Morning Curry dance

~Special Generation~ DANCE <-this looked nice~

one moe opps..one more videos..~

Koi Kana ~Dance~ (Kirarin versi omputih...~)

*mfbar said: OMG...~
*mfbar said: of course I won't to....
*mfbar said: I wanna see 'TOKKAIKO JUNJOU'.....mwahahaha
psst~i'm not pedo..~
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azis said...

sekarang ni tak susah nak update blog...sebabnya blogspot pun dah macam yang lain jugak. bleh schedule bila mau post...janji siapkan draft kemudian set kan masa bila mau publish. automatik die akan publish kan...

***good luck 4 final exam :)

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