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Hello! Project Ranker by American Wota

Friday, March 28, 2008

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Hello! Project Ranker by American Wota

To Play!

choose what do you want to rank..and start the BATTLE!


I don't know how it's working, but I kept click to the picture (H!P's member) I like, and when it came between two pictures that I can't choose (really difficult to choose/or have nothing interest to/even not recognize), I made it to "TIE"...

Finally, until the battle came to the 'Battle No.131'..the winners (in ranking) were listed.

...and the ranking/winners are...

[1#]. Niigaki Risa [2#]. Takahashi Ai [3#]. Kamei Eri

[4#]. Kusumi Koharu
5#. Suzuki Airi, Kumai Yurina, Tokunaga Chinami, Yajima Maimi

9#. Shimizu Saki, Nakazawa Yuko

11#. Umeda Erika, Abe Natsumi, Mitsui Aika

14#. Natsuyaki Miyabi, Yoshizawa Hitomi
16#. Michishige Sayumi
17.# Shibata Ayumi, Satoda Mai, Ayaka

20#. Ishikawa Rika, Linlin, Junjun, Mano Erina

...quite long battle between them...hahahaha.... (48 participants)~

*mfbar said: yessss...Risa win! Risa is the 'Champion' among H!Ps
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