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[News/Blog] v-u-den will disband this year?? What a Shock!~

Sunday, January 27, 2008

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v-u-den aka 美勇伝 To Disband

According to the Someboys! Blog, The Hello!Project official site has announced that the group Viyuden will disband this year in June on the last day of the concert tour. All three members (Ishikawa Rika, Okada Yui. Miyoshi Erika) will remain in H!P although no specific details have been given.

What the hell is going on ??

I'm still in shock until now when I read this news this morning...~
Starting from the announcement that the new single of Viyuden may have been postponed...I'm quite worry that it would be something bad going to be happened to this Super group..!!

According to the Hello! Project Official Website (Click Here)

3年半余りの活動の中、3人が日々成長するにつれ、次のステップが3人の中でゆっくりと形作られてきました。プロデュー サーのつんく♂との話し合いの結果、岡田唯が20才を迎えたこのタイミングで美勇伝としての活動を終え、それぞれが次のステップへ向けて飛び出して行く、 という事になりました。

Oh my god...Is there something a new plan to do with Ishikawa Rika, Okada Yui or Miyoshi Erika...OR these members made 'something wrong'..? Come on Hello! Project...
We don't want any scandal or rumor happen this year again like 2006 & 2007..We want a whole year in 2008 will be a HAPPY YEAR..~

I'm still enjoy listening to Koisuru Angel Heart (Falling in Love With Angel Heart)..~ [sigh] Best Blogger Tips

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